You can order through PayPal by using the ‘add to cart’ buttons on site. If the value of the resources you are ordering is approx £15 (plus £2 upload) or less,  I will send you a download link or links. If your order is for more than that you need to email me to ASK for a download link to be sent otherwise you’ll be sent a CD - see below.

For larger orders there are two postage rates with a lower rate for orders up to £50 and a higher rate for orders of £50 and over.  All packages are sent using first class post  

Packages are dispatched in the next available post (usually the same day) unless I am on holiday or having a day off - see end of page for information about notification of this.

Please note I DO NOT offer a laminating service for the PDF files I sell on site!

Postal Charges (admin charges)

PayPal will automatically add £2 P&P if your order is under £50 and will automatically add £3 P&P if your order is £50 or over.

Admin costs for downloads will be shown as postage charges at checkout and added automatically. They are not refunded as they cover my costs for uploading and the bandwidth I need to use.

Anyone ordering outside UK post code areas (ie abroad)

(including the Republic of Ireland and rest of the world)

Your orders will be sent to you via a download link (or links) regardless of the size of your order. This is instead of a CD.

 Please note:

I hope that explains everything  so there’s no confusion and you won’t need my help!


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     PayPal payments only:  



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When you have paid through PayPal you will be redirected to a  message page. What will this page tell you?

I constantly check my computer for orders but, like everyone else, I sometimes  have a break or a day off.  When your PayPal transaction has been completed you will be redirected to a page notifying you of any extended break and what   to do if you can’t wait for your order.  It will also give download information and how to contact me. This will open in a new window. Please read the information on that page as it’s important.

If you want to pay by cheque I will get back to you just as soon as I can.